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About Me

Foodie. Reformed shopaholic. Kikay.

I had my first real kitchen experience when I got married recently. I initially started this blog to chronicle my cooking  & culinary discoveries. This motivates me to take out my camera after I whip up something in my pantry and somehow I always have a fascination for dainty, feminine stuff hence I came up with the name The Pink Pantry. It's quirky, amusing & fun.

If it catches my fancy and worth my two cents, I would also write about things outside my home. This blog is solely written in my own discretion thus I do not accept ads from third parties at the moment. I may, however, accept ads from direct entities which I can personally vouched for.

I will try to update this site as often as I can. I hope you enjoy browsing as much as I did writing. Keep reading! Cheers! :)
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