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Monday, April 19, 2010

It's a pleasure

            Some of the dozens of little goodies I gave away the past months.

I couldn't put a price tag to the joy I feel when I spread some love, no matter how little I think it is. I am neither a gastadora nor a shopaholic. I was even too lazy to shop for myself lately but for some strange reason, I tend to give little goodies even if it wasn't christmas.

After grad, it feels so good to be able to buy something without having to ask my folks about it so I used to hoard dozens of shoes & clothes for myself. Even if my closet was full, it was exhilirating & something still feels empty, even lacking. Hence this joy in giving. Material stuff depreciates in value and go out of style. I won't be able to use it anyway when I grow old & gray so I'd rather invest in the intangibles. It is something that I would be able to pass on to my kids one day.

My husband would just shrug  and smile and tell me that even if I keep spending and other people might find it ridiculous, we are still blessed enough to be able to share. The blessings just come. Perhaps it is something that my dad has passed on to me. He is the kind of guy that would gather all the street kids and buy food for them even if he is down to his last penny. Or invite the pedicab driver down the street for an early noche buena.

But I still think everyone is entitled to a little indulgence once in awhile. Hmm, remind me to shop for myself the next time...

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